2020 Annual Fund Donors

COMPOSER'S CIRCLE: $25,000 and up

The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Marilyn Crichlow
Linda and Rick Roesch

PREMIERE CIRCLE: $10,000 to $24,999

Louis Burkot and Maria Laskaris
Couch Family Foundation
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
Sylvia and Bill Paxton
David and Barbara Roby
Jane Watson Stetson and E. William Stetson III

DIRECTOR'S CIRCLE: $7,500 to $9,999

Peter and Ruth Bleyler
Tonya and Jonathan Marshall

CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE: $5,000 to $7,499

Debbie Hannam
Dr. Ronnie Lesser and Dr. Erica Schoenberg
Elizabeth and Robert Porter
Gail Kellogg
InTrack Investment
Merrill Lynch
Opera America
Sally and Jeremy Rutter
Susan and Timothy Wagg

ANGEL'S CIRCLE $2,500 to $4,999

Robert Z. Aliber
Jonathan Bellis and Virginia Gwynn
Bio X Cell
Barbara Butler
Daniel Bernstein and Claire Foerster
Walter and Frances Herbert
Jennifer Hopkins
Joseph and Anita Loscalzo
William and Barbara Maletz
Mascoma Savings Bank
Barbara Barry and Michael Pacht
Donald and Abbie Penfield
William and Mary Lyons Scott
Nancy P. Sevcenko
James Skofield and Gary Rhodes
Joseph and Jane Stevens

PERFORMER'S CIRCLE: $1,000 to $2,499

Susan W. Almy
Laura and Victor Altshul
Anonymous (3)
Cynthia Barrette
Barbara Duncan and Gary Brooks
Joan Burchenal
William M. Chester
William and Elizabeth Clendenning
Ann and Harte Crow
The Crowell Family Foundation
Richard and Melanie Ferrell
Ivor and Barbara Freeman
Mary Victor Giersch
Alice and David Glass
Ann Green
Tom and Margaret Greene
Don and Jane Helms
Scott Holland
Kermit and Barbara Hummel
Kristin Jautz
Dick and Ann Justice
Richard and Karla H. Karash
Dorothy Kehoe
Joan Kinne
Brownwen Lewis
Anne and Dana Low
Thomas and Ann McGrail
Jane and Peter McLaughlin
Vincent Memoli
Robert and Louise Messner
Ronald Miller and Jacqueline Fischer
Robert W. Moser
Amy and Henry Nachman
Martha McDaniel and Stephen Plume
Ellis and Virginia Rolett
Elisabeth Russell
Nick and Gail Sanders
Sarah S. Saul
Stephanie Seacord
Andrea Sodano and Charles Norton
Larry and Eleanor Spencer
Suzanne and Harry Tether


Brooke and James Adler
Ginia Allison
Heidelise Als
Gert and Jan Assmus
James and Jane Barrett
Margaret B. and James C. Bays
Karen and Thomas Berry
Richard and Ruth Blodgett
Anne L. Boswell
Frank and Mardi Bowles
Bradley and Jane Brewer
Linda Calotta
Owen Crihfield
Deecie Denison
Kate and Peter Diamond
Katie Eaton
Susan and William Edwards
Alex and Julie Garthwaite
John and Pam Gerstmayr
Donna and Peter Hollinger
Brucie Hubbell
Thomas and Lia Kehler
Philip and Anne Langsdorf
Alex Laskaris
David and Ann Malenka
Dianne and Tom McFarland
Charlotte S. Metcalf
Virginia Milord
Albert Quehl
David and Sarah Reeves
Robert Rettig
Benjamin Schore and Kathy Rines
Tim and Lissy Rooney
Nancy and Sandy Salmela
Martha and Lee Schimberg
Kathie and Barry Schuster
Clare and Richard Segall
Jack and Barbara Shirman
Carol and Harold Sox
Richard and Linda Strong
David Taplin
Carl and Ching-Wen Taylor
Ann Gormley and Richard Wallace
Stan and Jenny Williams
Duncan and Sally Wood

PATRON'S CIRCLE: $100 to $499

Lynn Adams and Simon Carr
Nola and Kenneth Aldrich
Scott Alexander
Jacqueline Allen
Dexter and Allingham
Norberto Alvarez and Susana Rey-Alvarez
Laura Anderson
Thomas and Anne Anninger
Anonymous (8)
Peter Hoyle Armstrong
Carl and Andrea Axelrod
George and Christine Bachrach
Cynthia Bajdek
Balagur Associates
Carol Barr and Donald Graham
James and Mary Barry
Craig and Amy Barry
Christine and Donald Bartlett
Joan and Peter Beardsley
Richard Beaudette
Kate and Jeff Bell
Dan Berger
James and Judith Bernat
Vesna Besarabic
Pietie Birnie
Marilyse de Boissezon
Ginger Boitnott
Richard S. Bower
Betsy Bowse
Ann C. Bracken
Fred and Rebecca Briccetti
Michael and Susan Brown
Patricia Brown
Tom and Ellen Brydges
Carolyn Byrne
Steve and Nancy Calderwood
Richard Candee and Robert Chase
Dawn Carey and Christopher Smith
Mitzi Carleton
Ronald and Priscilla Carr
John Carter
Karen Chase
Scott and Susan Cleveland
Priscilla Clute
Alison Coady
Nancy Collier
Margaret Collins
Christine and Bernard Conroy
Marjorie and Russell Cook
Louis and Sara Cornell
William Corson
Edward and Ann Louise Cowan
Edna Crandall
Daniel Cunningham
Jane Darrach
Rachel and Cliff Darrow
Laurence Davis
Allan Davis
Harriet Debauge
Maryellen DeJong
Christine Hauck and Michael Delaney
Susan Denison
Bea and Tony Edgar
Ted and Betsy Eismeier
Polly M. Ellerbe
Sue and Paul Etkind
Andrea and Paul Felix
Betty and Tino Fernandes
Carol Ferrell
Harriet and Rick Fingeroth
Jill Fischer
Louise Fletcher
Michael S. Flier and David Trueblood
Helene Foley
Marcia French
Lea Frey
Roger Friend
Michael and Margaret Galbraith
Arthur Gardiner
Gene R. Garthwaite
Candace Genereaux
Paul Gerke
Laura Gillespie
Karen and Sandy Gilmour
Benjamin and Sarah Gilson
Susan and Bob Goldberg
Janet Goldberger
Jane and Gerard Gold
Gretchen Graner
Mark Greenberg
Carol and David Greenfield
Glen and Christine Greenough
Elinor Gregor
Clark and Happy Griffiths
Margaret and Joseph Grimes
Mary Lou Guerinot and Rob McClung
Jane and Steve Handley
Laurie Harding and Peter Mason
Ann and Robert Hargraves
Ann Harris
Doug and Elaine Hart
Anne Hartmann
Haynes and Garthwaite Architects
Carol and William Hayward
Charles and Polly Hebble
Zeke and Linda Hecker
Geoffrey Helm
Donald and Mary-Lou Hinman
Deborah and Jeffrey Hirsch
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Hirsh
Harold and Merle Hochman
Tony and Katherine Holt
Margaret Holland
Romer and Deming Holleran
George F. Howard, III
Byron and Arlene Huse
Peter and Virginia Irwin
Bruce and Marsha Johnson
Andrew Johnson and Joanne Needham
Barbara Jones
Emily and Gerard Jones
Karen Jones
Josiah Jones
Kathryn Jorgensen
Richard Jurmain
Jacob Jurmain
Elvin Kaplan and Cecily Monro
Mary Karl
Nancy and Peter Keenan
Sharon Keller
Jennifer Keller
Margaret Kemp
David Kemp
Kathleen Kenney
Alden and Ginny Keyser
Paul and Deborah Kinson
Daniel and Jeanne Kleinman
Roger and Deborah Klene
Steve and Heather Knaub
David Knight
Robert Knowlton
William Koppenheffer and Ellen Gitomer
Roland and Marianne Kuchel
Maria and Frank Lamson
Fred and Ruth Lappin
Julie Love
Frederick Macmillan
Shayna Malool and Michael Juneau
Jane Manniello
Andrea Marquay
Beverly Marshall
Lucretia Martin
Lynn Freeman and Peter Martin
Kenneth Mason
Maggie and James May
Linda  Mayo
Ebba McArt
John and Mary McCann
Robert and Judy McCarthy
Jim Gold and Penny McConnel
Bob and Fiona McElwain
John and Emma McGeachie
Brian McInerney
Jeannette McInnes
Carolyn and Peter Mertz
Dana and Al Michalovic
Michael and Jeannie Baer Miller
Bernice Miller and June Seligman
Vicky Mills
Ann K. Mills
David and Joyce Milne
Sharon Miranda
Dylan Mroszczyk-Mcdonald
Al and Margaret Mulley
Robert Murray
Katharine F. Nelson
Network for Good
Joyce and Walter Noll
Elizabeth and Eric Nordgren
Mary Ann O'Donnell
Sherri Oberg
Herbert Ogden and Catherine Thomas
Ernst and Linda Oidtmann
Susan and Fredrick Orkin
Colin and Betsy Osborne
Jane Osgatharp
Bruce Pacht
Nelly and Bill Palmer
Lynne Parshall
Barbara Payson
Kathleen Pellett
Virginia and Stuart Peltz
Beth and Jim Perkins
Ed and Pam Piper
Elizabeth and Robert Porter
Richard J. Potter and Jill Terman Potter
Robert Powell
Herb and Patricia Prem
Thomas Putnam
Daniel Raabe
Michael Ransmeier
Stephanie Reininger
Robert Rettig
Miriam and Stuart Richards
David and Beth Ries
Elizabeth Roberts and Jeffrey Hafner
David and Bonnie Robinson
Joshua Rosen
Barbara Rosenfield
Joanne and Peter Roth
Lia and Rich Rothstein
Arline and Barry Rotman
Sylvie and Leonard Rudolf
Anne Sa'adah
Elizabeth Sammons
Karen and John Sanders
Robert Sands
Catherine D. Sands
John and Jill Schiffman
Diane and Richard Schmalensee
Bess Schmidt
David Schnur
Suzanne Schon
Brenda Schwab
Lou and Rosemarie Scibetta
Audrey and Ray Sears
John Sesody
Mark and Nancie Severs
Michael Shklar
Ephraim and Helen Shulman
Clay and Kitty Simpson
Barry Smith
Stuart Smith
David and Margaret Solberg
Susan Spademan
Doug and Beth Staiger
Frederick and Ruth L. Stavis
Deborah Steele
Barbara and Ed Steiner
Joan Stepenske and Robert Troester
Dennis Stern
James and Margaret Strickler
Andrew R. Supplee
John Tatlock
Marcia and Geza Tatrallyay
James H. Tatum
Steve Taylor
Bruce and Anne Taylor
Linnea D. Taylor
John and Christine Taylor
Anthony Thacher
Cynthia Thompson
Three Tomatoes Trattoria
Ann and Dennis Thron
Linda Tober
Dorothy and Joseph Tofel
Peter and Susan Valiante
Jeanette Veverka
Alexei and Julia Viazmenski
George Joseph Vining
Fordham von Reyn and Sunny Martinson
Pat Waldeck
Murray and Karen Washburn
Carol Weingeist
Milton and Rhonda Weinstein
Jane Welsh
Kirke W. and Michelle Wheeler
Stu and Tilda White
Richard and Suzanne Whiting
Marcia Wright
Michael Wyatt
Stephen Zykofsky

FRIEND: up to $99

Nancy and Blake Allison
Alan Amos
Anonymous (6)
Linda Armstrong
Winslow and Nancy Arnold
Lola Baldwin
Randell and Dianne Barclay
Scott Barrows
Gail M. Barton
Iris Berezin
Maureen Bernard
Abbe Bjorklund
Anthony and Julia Boulbol
Stephen and Joanna Breyer
Eileen Brown
Carol Burns
Jill Carter
Sarah Carter
David Chambers and John Crane
Lucia Chapman
Martha Clark
Elissa Close
Jane E. Conklin
Megan Culp
Priscilla Daggett
Susan Davidson
Amy Dingley and Richard Milius
Jerry and Martha Doolittle
Sonia Emeric
Joan Fariel
David and Paula Ferreby
Debra S. Ford
Margaret Gadon
Michele Gilliatt
Herbert A. Goertz
Mark and Leonora Goldstein
Priscilla K Gosselin
Margaret Gray
Janice Hall
Laurie Harrington
Lynn Herzog
Rebecca Hirschey
Richard Hoffman
Janet and Lee Hurd
Eric Pyle and Marty Jacobs
Mary Jacoby
Madeleine Johnson
Sheila Kaplow
Rebecca Katz
Francis and Pattrawadi Kennedy
Walter Kennedy
Stewart Ketcham and Toni Hover
Louis and Pauline Kislik
Eleta and Roger Klene
Betty Ann and Austin Kovacs
Marilyn LaDue
Sally and Mike Leahey
David and Renee Lent
Deb Lewis
Paul and Amy Lindsay
Cheryl Lodewick
Phoebe Lumley
David and Margaret Lysy
Gary Macleay
Joy Madden
Brian Mahon
Dan Mahoney
Mary Ann and Frank Mastro
John Mathews
Donna and William Matson
Sarah McMaster
James Mealey
Melinda Meyerhoff
William E. Mierse and Florence Wagg
Susan Montague
Granger Morgan
Margo and Robert Nutt
Richard and Jane Olson
Bruce Pacht
David Page
Sean Parr
Anne Peyton
Alice Phillips
Nat Pierson
Stephen and Rebecca Powell
Susan Riddell
William and Rebecca Rolke
Diane Roston
Sally Gage and Ridge Satterthwaite
Eric Schluntz and Carol Steingress
Kappy Scoppettone
James Smith
Norman and Joyce Spector
Susan Speranza
Deborah Springhorn and Stephen Silver
Julie Stewart
Carolyn Stone
John and Sally Stoughton
David Sturges
Julia Sturm
Walt and Kathy Swift
Sophie and Hakan Tell
Barbara Tetreault
Kathleen Theophilos
Heinz and Ingeborg Trebitz
Andrew Tuthill and Susan Frankenstein
Jane Vacante
Pierre Fournier and Richard Waddell
Fraser and Lori Walsh
Michael and Suzie Weiss
Yolanda and Martin Witschi
Alexander and Vanessa Wolff
Richard and Sheila Wulf